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DataSuite is a versatile package of tools that help you access your raw data, player-level data, and aggregated metrics from the GameAnalytics platform, freeing you from the constraints of black-box analytics solutions.

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Use our suite of data tools to power-up your insights with custom data analysis, including churn prediction, LTV calculations, and user-level segmentations.

Player Warehouse Storage

  • Check Run flexible queries with SQL
  • Check Get event and player level data
  • Check Connect multiple data sources

Raw Export Export

  • Check Real-time delivery into your data lake
  • Check Access raw JSON for in-depth analysis
  • Check Get full control of data processing

Metrics API Keycard

  • Check Retrieve KPIs through a single query
  • Check Query KPIs aggregated across multiple games or your entire organization
  • Check Create custom reporting dashboards
Player Warehouse

Your own bespoke data workbench

Player Warehouse is a robust storage system that consolidates analytics data from all your games into a managed BigQuery instance. Data is pre-processed and organized for you to run advanced analysis and reports.

  • Run custom queries using SQL
  • See data at the event and player level
  • Compare data from multiple sources
A dashboard showing player behavior data
Raw Export

Raw form data, live transferred to you

Raw Export delivers all your game data in JSON format directly to your own AWS S3 bucket in real-time. You can manage the storage, empowering you to transform, process and extract the data however you like.

  • Real-time delivery of raw player data
  • Easily integrate with third-party analytics tools
  • Maintain full control over data processing
Metrics API

Game KPIs, anywhere you might need them

Metrics API gives programmatic access to all your KPIs, enabling you to query and display performance data with just a few simple lines of code. You can query at the game level, or even across your entire organization.

  • Seamlessly pull metrics into your own systems
  • Automate reporting and analysis in any BI tool
  • Create custom alerts for metric fluctuations
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How publishers find hit games with DataSuite

Supercharge your game discovery with this free downloadable guide. Learn top publishers’ strategies to find games with hit potential, using our data tools.

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Let’s get your data fully connected

Easily get your data available for your analysts to use in any BI tool, without having to spare a second of thought on infrastructure cost.

Case study

Developing a #1 MMO with event level data

Discover how the creators of “Zenith: The Last City”, a #1 hit across mutliple VR platforms including Quest, Steam and PS VR, use data-driven insights and features like Player Warehouse to improve user engagement.

Ramen VR
Zenith: The Last City

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