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How SOFTGAMES uses GameAnalytics to win big with FB messenger games

Find out how the world’s largest HTML5 games provider used GameAnalytics to improve engagement and grow revenues for their entire FB Messenger portfolio.



With more than 60 million people who have played their games to date on FB Messenger, SOFTGAMES wanted to further develop and optimize long-term monetization for their growing portfolio. With that goal, they integrated GameAnalytics and began the task of improving their monetization strategy for millions of daily users. The key challenge: How would they iterate and improve performance?


Simple: accelerating growth by tracking and optimizing core KPIs and player patterns. SOFTGAMES created custom dashboards for progression metrics to help balance game design elements, from virtual economies to player churn. With these insights they introduced game features that helped to build up a loyal community of players, and improved engagement for their returning users.

A new opportunity

When they were invited by Facebook to become one of only 15 launch partners on Instant Games, SOFTGAMES immediately understood the massive opportunity.

Since then it became the mission of the world’s largest HTML5 games provider to enhance the overall Messenger games experience… and in this pursuit, they’ve now released a string of hit titles, including Cookie Crush, Solitaire Story, and Bubble Shooter HD. One cornerstone of their ongoing success is the focus on high-quality games that they tailor precisely to the features available on certain platforms, such as leaderboards or progress syncing on FB Messenger.

For this successful studio, measuring, understanding, and balancing progression flows with a considered focus of these platform-specific features is the key to driving and accelerating growth. They supplement this by listening to their community and quickly actioning the feedback, constantly optimizing their portfolio with data from GameAnalytics, and keeping their titles fresh with interesting new challenges.

Monetizing with Rewarded Ads

SOFTGAMES monetizes its titles with Rewarded Ads, blended with content that’s optimized to increase interaction with virtual economies and IAP systems.

“Our vision is to help users to instantly play great games with their friends, while helping brands to reach their target audiences. GameAnalytics gives us the focus we need to achieve our goal: delivering great content that will keep players engaged by offering them an optimal experience on the messenger platform.”

The tools from GameAnalytics have helped us increase our monetization performance by up to 30% for several of our Messenger titles

“The tools from GameAnalytics have helped us increase our monetization performance by up to 30% for several of our Messenger titles, whilst also giving us better insights and more detailed KPI reporting and monitoring. The flexibility of GameAnalytics dashboards makes it possible to continuously optimize multiple titles across different platforms quickly. As we have several successful games to keep track of, this is an important and unique feature that helps us to achieve optimal growth.”

“The gaming market is changing, moving from retail and Apps to new business models. Thanks to all the detailed insights they offer, GameAnalytics is a seriously powerful platform for developers looking to optimize and deliver high quality games. If you’re looking to accelerate success, I can’t recommend it enough.”

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