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How Homa Games uses GameAnalytics to propel their game into top charts globally

Learn how Homa Games increased player retention rates in Balls vs Lasers by more than 14% to secure their place at the top of global charts – in Korea and beyond.

Homa Games


When launching their latest game Balls vs Lasers, Homa Games needed to resolve low retention rates to secure their place at the top of global charts. Keeping this goal in mind, they integrated GameAnalytics to quickly identify crucial issues with session times and number of impressions of interstitials per session and began effective improvements. Their key challenge: how exactly would they increase retention, and overall ad frequency?


Homa Games created funnels that identified user exit rate at certain levels, and used this knowledge to redesign the level roadmap. Working with their in-house game designers, the developers added new obstacles and innovations to the game, resulting in a more challenging and entertaining game experience for their players. These changes saw an 18% increase in the overall user session time, and doubled the number of video interstitial impressions per session. To top it off, they also saw an 14% increase in overall retention D1.

A few of Homa Games hits

Idle World

Idle World

9+ million downloads
Released: April 2019

Balls VS Lasers

Balls VS Lasers

5+ million downloads
Released: Oct 2018

Tiny Cards

Tiny Cards

7.5 million downloads
Released: Oct 2018

After reaching #1 in Korea’s Top Game Charts in less than 48 hours, Homa Games knew it was just the beginning of what was to come.

Despite their recent success in Korea, the studio remains humble as it continues its core mission of helping developers in making their games into the next big hits. Focusing primarily on the hyper-casual market, the studio has published six games that have hit charts globally in the US, Korea, Japan, and China. The foundation of their success is partly due to their core values around transparency, ensuring open communication and respect of all developer intellectual property. Being a product of their successful sister company BidMotion, the Homa Games team is made from experts in user acquisition and monetization. With this industry experience and knowledge, they’re able to help developers achieve the best results possible for every game.

For the studio, identifying and understanding key metrics of their games is imperative. These metrics allow them to ensure a successful launch to market, as well as increase the lifetime value of each user. By actively analysing data from GameAnalytics, Homa Games is able to quickly adapt their games for a superior user experience that continually challenges and excites players. Homa monetizes its games through a combination of in-game ad formats in conjunction with existing in-app purchase or subscription models.

With the data analysis ran in GameAnalytics, we were able to spot problem areas and fix them to increase our retention rate by 14%. These changes had a massive impact that saw our game hit #1 in Korea and other top charts globally. We were astonished.

“The analysis tools at GameAnalytics have helped our in-house game designers to identify crucial issues that they can then communicate back to developers. In the case of Balls vs Lasers, we managed to see an 14% increase in our RRD1, 18% increase in overall session times and double the amount of video interstitial impressions per session. The precise nature of GameAnalytics tools allowed us to pinpoint key metrics about our users that saves us valuable time in the race leading up to launch. Even after launch, we still use their features to monitor our data and identify opportunities to extend their title’s life cycle.”

“We see how increasingly competitive the market is getting, so we know how important it is to stay ahead of the crowd. Thanks to their in-depth metrics and dynamic platform, we’re confident that GameAnalytics will allow us to continue our journey as we look to publish more titles in the near future.”

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