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Want to find an anime, hypercasual puzzle game which reached the top 50? Looking for all endless runners containing cats? No problem. Combine hundreds of data points to refine your search and see a list organized by relevancy.

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Keep your friends close. Your enemies closer.

Search for hit games by a specific publisher. Keep an eye on your competitors. And track the KPIs, updates, features and metadata of their games.

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Contextual data

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Key Info

Dimension Orientation Perspective Production effort Competitiveness Market appeal Gender focus Key demographic IP Business model Internet connection required Multi-touch controls 50+ Data points


Art style 24+ Data points

Game Genres

HC - Classic HC - Fusion HC - Mechanic 15+ Sub-genres
AR/Location Based Arcade Lifestyle Puzzle Simulation 35+ Sub-genres
Shooter RPG Card Games Strategy Casino Sports 30+ Sub-genres


Mood/Atmosphere World/Surroundings Sports Time/History 189+ Data points

Features & Mechanics

Gameplay World/Surroundings Engagement mechanics Social interaction IAP & Monetization Brand & IP 128+ Data points

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