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How TapNation uses DataSuite to increase the LTV of 19 hit games by 50% in only 6 months

See how TapNation can repeat success efficiently and build hit games using accurate and reliable data.



When helping over 80 studios improve and release their games worldwide, TapNation needed accurate data. Fast. Their publishing team needed to be able to easily drill down into any of the games in the portfolio and test out improvements. On the other hand, their tech team needed the data to create their machine-learning models. But the other tools TapNation tried weren’t giving them the granularity they needed.


With DataSuite, TapNation can collect and analyze data across every single game in their vast portfolio. Using that data, they can then run A/B tests to improve and iterate the games, adapting to what the players want and making decisions faster. Thanks to this data, their product team has increased the average life-time-value of their games by 50% within six months of releasing a new title across the board.

Interesting facts

About TapNation

TapNation specializes in mobile hyper-casual games. They’ve released 19 hit games and had over 500 million downloads. By working closely with more than 80 studios worldwide, they help test and publish games with high-potential concepts and high-tech data tools.

Ice Cream Inc.

Ice Cream Inc.

166M+ downloads
Top 3 in games category

Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

139M+ downloads
Top 1 in games category

Guess Their Answer

Guess Their Answer

30M+ downloads
Top 1 in the charts

Sneaker Art!

Sneaker Art!

29M+ downloads
Top 1 in simulation category

Web Master 3d!

Web Master 3d!

17M+ downloads
Top 1 in role playing category

ASMR Tippy Toe

ASMR Tippy Toe

14M+ downloads
Top 2 in arcade category

Smashing obstacles with Giant Rush

While they’ve seen huge improvements using DataSuite across their portfolio, one game stands out in particular: Giant Rush. (And not just because the character is huge.) The title has now reached over 140 million downloads. And, through a series of A/B tests and insights from the data they collected, they’ve been able to increase the LTV by a whopping 200% over six months for this specific title.

“It’s because we A/B test every day,” Philippe Grazina from TapNation says. “We ask questions like: When are players leaving the game? For example, the boss in Giant Rush. If we spot that they’re leaving at the same point every time, we know we need to make a change. Small details like that really help.”

Through these granular insights, TapNation can iterate and improve on their game step by step. It isn’t an overnight task. It can take weeks or even months to make all the necessary changes that turn a regular title into a success. For example, with Giant Rush, they found they needed to add:

  • walls to the game to make it more challenging
  • slow-motion effects for when an opponent smashes through a wall
  • a moving gauge that multiplies the player’s earnings
  • kicking and punching animations that players can buy in the shop

Features like these were how TapNation was able to gradually improve the game, version by version. And it’s how Giant Rush reached number one on Android in the US and stayed in the top 15 games for two months in a row.

Tracking custom events became easy

Aside from looking at the usual gameplay and ad events to improve the LTV of the game, TapNation also uses DataSuite to track custom values. Their Fun Games use a highly modular C# SDK to handle A/B tests, cross-promotion events, in-app purchases, and more.

“We’re trying lots of different versions of our games all the time, making sure that the CPI isn’t rising and that playtime is staying the same or increasing,” Philippe says. “The data that GameAnalytics provides is highly accurate and flexible when it comes to tracking additional metrics on the fly.”

That means, as TapNation grows and changes its processes, DataSuite keeps up with their needs. They can look at ways to improve their crucial gameplay metrics, like retention and playtime, while also feeding into other internal projects.

Feeding their hungry robots

It’s not just the publishing team that’s been benefiting from DataSuite. Their tech team has been using the data for a different purpose: training a machine-learning AI to forecast their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), automatically cross-promote ads and run multi-cohort A/B tests.

“DataSuite is a highly reliable product, allowing us to use our game metrics effectively, while focusing on our core algorithms,” Philippe adds. “All without putting time and effort into maintaining data collection services.”

Try out DataSuite for yourself

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on your game portfolio and want to get accurate and reliable data, check out DataSuite.

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